The Domainzy GAME Show!!!

Introducing the domainzy game show!! If anyone is interested in winning some free domains and some other cool prizes!  Please send me a message and I will put you on the list. First come first serve! I will be asking questions about the domain industry with multiple choice answers!  This is intended to help educate […]

Bought: Here’s why…

2016 Sales of ‘Desk’ & ‘Lab’ According to the term ‘DESK’ has had 12 sales this year.(2016) The total amount for the 12 sales was $16,394. The minimum price was $103 and the max price was $7,500. The average price is $1,366 According to namebio the term ending with ‘LAB’ has had 19 sales this year(2016). […]


“Your premium listing just SOLD” … never gets old seeing this email from GoDaddy!   This is my second ‘Golf’ domain sale, my first was Golfery dot com.  Whenever, I sell a domain I always buy more domains in that ‘niche’. I only picked up one: Golfzy dot com.  Looks like I should invest in […]

Bought: DUI related domain…

Hello! I swooped for about half my proxy bid of $1.1k. So i was happy! Lets look at for the term ‘DUI’: (Stats below are from 44,500 USD 2010-09-29 .co landrush auctions 43,000 USD 2010-09-29 .co landrush auctions 35,000 USD 2010-03-25 Sedo 18,000 USD 2007-08-07 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 15,601 […]